​​​​Find the perfect balance within​...


“Yoga is not my job it is my life”

I worked in very busy, stressful office since my 20’s and spent the majority of those years trying to alleviate stress through Yoga. I loved Yoga, it kept me sane. Practicing yoga left me feeling energised, flexible and most important of all, able to keep my stress under control. In 2006 I re-assessed my life and decided to make positive changes and wanted to share my experience of Yoga with others.

I trained as a Yoga teacher with the world renowned Anne-Marie Newland of Sun Power Yoga in January 2007 and shortly after, Pregnancy/Post Natal Yoga with Nadia Narain of Triyoga, one of UK’s leading Hatha Yoga teachers and expert in preparing women for pregnancy and childbirth. I have since furthered my qualifications and deepened my knowledge through courses and workshops with many revered Yoga teachers; Simon Low, Max Strom, Anna Ashby, Carlos Pomeda, Anne-Marie Newland to name but a few. “Yoga is not my job it is my life.”
I want to help you achieve a sense of well being, a flexible body, peaceful mind and relief from the stress of our ever demanding world. ‘still your mind & find the perfect balance within.’

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​About Georgina

If you wish to give yourself a special gift in life,
let it be Yoga...

Coming along to a ! 'RETREAT' is great way to get away from it all! The word retreat in Latin means withdraw, step back. Some synonyms are sanctuary, shelter, safe place.
We live in the world created by a divided mind, we constantly strive to please our employer, our friends, our family, rarely do we have time to just please ourselves. Constantly planning and seeking some future imaginary peace, a sense that something is missing. Take your opportunity to STOP! Take a step back, retreat and just simply be. 
2014 was a fantastic year and I have so much more planned for 2015/16. Lots of 3 night escapes and 7 to 14 night retreats and yoga holidays. 

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About Yoga

YOGA...... The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word “yuj” mening to yoke, join or unite.
Often Yoga is defined by the practice of Asana/yoga poses, but it is ‘so much more’... Yoga is an ancient practice, a complete ‘Mind~Body Centring experience. Through the use of breath, the mind, body and individual soul are united, the aim to achieve bliss, enlightenment, a realisation of the true self and union with the Universal Energy, Supreme Power, or as some call it ‘God’.
Of course, it may take a while to reach enlightenment...
Meanwhile we all have the capacity to take control of the body and mind through our practice of yoga. Strengthening, cleansing and revitalising our body systems... 


​Workshops are a great way to deepen your physical practice, improve strength and flexibility, and your knowledge of yoga. Each workshop is different and gives you the opportunity to learn more about yourself. Not only alignment, precision, technique and the importance of the breath, but how to cultivate inner awareness and an understanding of vital energy flow. 

There is always time to ask questions and the opportunity to try and discuss areas of yoga not covered during classes such as pranayama, meditation and chakras.

There is so much more to yoga than the physical, come along and find out why you feel so good after your practice, ignite your curiosity and passion...